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Talk of the Commonwealth

Sep 28, 2017

This morning on Talk of the Commonwealth we speak with Jerry Maldonado. Like many in Central Mass Jerry has family and friends in Puerto Rico and feels their should be more of a national news focus on just how bad things are and more of a national focus on providing help.



Sep 27, 2017

Your driving home and all of a sudden a lone kid on a bike or a gang of kids on their bikes are suddenly swerving towards you.  Have you had it happen to you?  On today's podcast we hear what people think about this and also that a lot of kids seem to be using Worcester's new yellow bike program in a way it wasn't...

Sep 26, 2017

Central Mass resident David Tuttle's Florida Keys home was at ground zero of Hurricane Irma. Luckily his home was spared but he brings us a first hand account of the rebuilding effort as neighbor helps neighbor and tells us of the work yet to be done.



Sep 25, 2017

Talk of the Commonwealth will be live Tuesday night at the Ballot Box (11 Kelley Square, Worcester) from 6-8pm


Join us and talk politics both local and national and have a few adult beverages

Sep 21, 2017

The Fight for $15. Do you agree that MA should have a $15 an hour minimum wage? I caught up State Rep. Dan Donahue (D-Worcester) who is the co-sponsor of the bill to raise the minimum wage and asked him why he has taken on this controversial fight.