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Talk of the Commonwealth

Oct 31, 2017

Radio All Stars "Zip" Zipfel, Sherman Whitman, Greg Byrne, Ben White featuring Walter Bird and Jeannie Hebert with Special Appearance by Dale LaPage presented "War of the Worlds" at Nick's last Halloween.‚Äč



Oct 30, 2017

The Worcester City Council will have at least two new faces. District 1 and District 5 have both good candidates and good races. This week on "Talk of the Commonwealth" we hear from the candidates on the issues most important to them. Today - Sean Rose, District 1



Oct 27, 2017

President Trump declares the opioid epidemic a national public health emergency. Today on "Talk of the Commonwealth" we look at two local programs that are working on helping those suffering from addiction.

Oct 26, 2017

With just over a week to go Hank and Walter run down the story lines from Worcester's municipal election.. Plus a special announcement about live election night coverage and Worcester Magazine's endorsements. The Worcester Municipal Election is the "Talk of the...

Oct 25, 2017

Can't make it out to Colorado tonight for the Railers game?  No problem.   You can see the game with a bunch of other hockey fanatics or just folks out for a good time at Railers Tavern across from the DCU.  They are carrying all the Railers away games. Oh, they'll probably have that World Series thing on one of the...