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Talk of the Commonwealth

Dec 23, 2017

Radio legend Zip Zipfel gives some Behind the Scenes on the famous 'Twisted Christmas' and his time with Bob Rivers when they lived atop the radio world





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Dec 21, 2017

The new head coach of the Holy Cross Crusaders football team coach Bob Chesney joins he program to talk about everything he's experienced since his move from Assumption


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Dec 20, 2017

Dunkin and Wormtown have teamed up to brew a beer using Dunkin' Dark Roast Beans. This collaboration is going to coincide with The Winter Solstice. We wanted to know more so we talked to Rob Branca, owner of many DD franchises in Worcester, the brains behind the whole operation.

Dec 18, 2017

We talk to Peter Bernard, the co-founder of the Harvest cup and executive director at the Massachusetts Grower Advocacy Council (MGAC), about the Harvest Cup at the DCU and everything to you need to know about weed

Dec 17, 2017

#WorcesterWednesday with Mayor Joe Petty