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Talk of the Commonwealth

Feb 28, 2018

Jim Wallace, The Executive Director of Gun Owners Action League (GOAL) here in Massachusetts, sits down with us to have a conversation about all the recent issues and concerns surrounding gun laws after the Parkland school shooting


Feb 21, 2018

Another edition of Worcester Wednesday with Mayor Petty as he joins the show at 7:00am like every week

We talk about City Council meetings, Curling, The WRTA, and Overall Transportation

Feb 16, 2018

Head of the Worcester Republican City Committee Donna Colorio talks to us about the State of Republicans in Worcester and around the Commonwealth. We talk about what she wants to get done as newly elected Chair of the WRCC and how to unite Republicans.

Feb 16, 2018

Topics include WRTA, Florida School Shooting, Chronic Homelessness, The Summit Lounge, and More