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Talk of the Commonwealth

Mar 30, 2018

Brian Herr, a former selectman and US Senate Candidate from Hopkinton, joined the show to talk about the current state of politics and various current topics in the news

Mar 29, 2018

Worcester Mayor Joe Petty joins us for our weekly chat at 7:00am on Wednesday to talk about Tuesday's City Council meeting and everything going on in the city

Mar 28, 2018

Two-Term Newton Mayor and Democratic Candidate for Governor Setti Warren joined us in studio to talk about his gubernatorial bid and all the issues facing the Commonwealth and more specifically Central Mass.

The Mayor hit on income inequality, transportation, funding, taxes, gun control, healthcare, opioids, and much...

Mar 27, 2018

Constitutional Expert Jack Ross tells us what is and isn't vulnerable about the 2nd Amendment and what could realistically happen to it. Hint: nobody is coming to take your guns. Interesting discussion.

Mar 26, 2018

"William Shatner, whose character James T. Kirk helped propel the original “Star Trek” TV series to cult-like status and spawned several film versions, six of which he starred in, joined The Worcester Magazine Radio Hour on Unity Radio Monday, expressing gratitude for his “Star Trek” experience, his upcoming...