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Talk of the Commonwealth

Jan 30, 2019

Worcester Mayor Joe Petty joins us for our weekly #WorcesterWednesday chat. Today (1/30/19) we talk about the possibility of repurposing the Greendale Mall, The snow storm and how it was handled, and small business in the City

Jan 29, 2019

Two Girls Art Studio (22 West Street in Millbury) salvages antique, vintage pieces as well as vintage wood from barns, farmhouses and other places all over New England.

They save those pieces from being thrown in the dump, taking the old and turning it into something different and new! They give these historic finds...

Jan 29, 2019

China is rounding up Muslim minority Uighurs and putting them into concentration camps (what the government calls "re-education camps"), and it is getting almost no coverage in North America.


Hank and Asima Silva of Perspectives sat down with a Uighur family who's loves one was taken to one of these camps, and...

Jan 28, 2019

City Councilor Sean Rose joined us to talk about his plan to look into having the City buy the Greendale Mall and turn it into the DPW Headquarters.



Jan 24, 2019

Worcester Mayor Joe Petty joins us every Wednesday morning air 7:00am for our weekly #WorcesterWednesday chat. Today (1/23/19) we talked about Trash and Recycling, Snow Removal, Sex Ed, and more