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Talk of the Commonwealth

Sep 27, 2019

Gregory Conley is the President of the American Vaping Association (AVA) and he joined us to talk about what Governor Baker's ban on the sale of vape products means for folks and businesses in the industry.

Check out the AVA here:

Sep 26, 2019

Worcester Red Sox Chairman & Principal Owner Larry Lucchino joins President Dr. Charles Steinberg and Hank on the Worcester Red Sox Show.

Hear from the man himself about Polar Park and some of the groundbreaking (innovation and ACTUAL ground breaking) the Worcester Red Sox are doing.

Photo Credit to Jonathan Wiggs/The...

Sep 26, 2019

Dr. Charles Steinberg gives us the latest story about the music of baseball and how certain songs changed and shaped the history of the game. In this episode we talk about Tessie, and how this old time song propelled The Sox to multiple World Series titles over a 100-year span.

Sep 25, 2019

Hank talks to Fitchburg Fire Chief Kevin Roy about deadly fire and explosion that killed a man on 'The Hank Zone' on WPKZ.

Beautiful Photo Credit to Ashley Green (

Sep 25, 2019

Worcester Mayor Joe Petty reacts to Baker's abrupt 4-month ban on the sale of all vape products in the Commonwealth. He talks about how that would affect businesses and people in Worcester. #VapeBan #TOTC #WorcesterWednesday #WorcPoli