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Talk of the Commonwealth

Jan 30, 2021

Behind the Scenes at the Hanover Theatre with Lisa Condit and guest Jimmy Cash (January 29th, 2021).

Check them out at

Jan 29, 2021

The Worcester Red Sox Show: Food Drive at Worcester State, Polar Park, Jackie Robinson, & more(01/28/21).

Jan 28, 2021

Congressman Jim McGovern on the State of Congress, Impeachment, and Relations with Cuba (01/28/21)

Jan 27, 2021

City Manager Ed Augustus talks about Vaccines, Gang Violence Grant, and Green Worcester Plan (01/26/21).

Jan 25, 2021

Worcester COVID-19 Vaccine Town Hall with City Manager Ed Augustus, Medical Director Dr. Michael Hirsh, and Public Health Director Karyn Clark.

In this 40 minute conversation we talk all about the local rollout and distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine and some of the most important questions about the vaccine & large...